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Dental Emergencies

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Dental Emergency in Temecula, CA? Call Now!

Dental emergencies can strike at any time, and you need a dental practice that can see you as soon as possible. Temecula Smiles provides emergency dental services in Temecula, Murrieta, and the surrounding communities. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call our practice now: (951) 302-3535

Making Room for You

The prompt care of a dental emergency is critical to the successful treatment of your discomfort. Our dentist, Greg Ardary, DDS, understands this and strives to make sure that we can see you as soon as possible.

Our Temecula dental practice attends to patients quickly when dental emergencies strike. If you call during hours with a condition that will not require a specialist’s care, then we can see you within the same day. We maintain multiple operating rooms in order to accommodate emergency cases that require immediate care. If you call after hours, during the weekend, or need to see a specialist, then Dr. Ardary will set up the next available dental appointment with you and provide counseling on the best way to manage the situation until the appointment.

Emergency Services Provided

Dr. Ardary is able to treat several different dental emergencies at Temecula Smiles. If your emergency involves intense oral pain or a missing tooth, our dentist can help you.

A common dental emergency is an intense toothache. This discomfort is often a result of tooth decay reaching the innermost layer of tissue within a tooth, known as the pulp. Once infected by a cavity, the pulp cannot be restored; it must be removed in order to save the tooth. In order to help our patients preserve their original teeth, Temecula Smiles offers root canal therapy to eliminate the infected tooth pulp.

Alternatively, a crack in the tooth can also cause discomfort. Teeth which have developed cracks and chips can experience sharp pain while chewing as a result of this damage. Because of this pain and the fact that such breaks enable oral bacteria to infect a tooth’s pulp, Dr. Ardary can place a crown to seal the tooth.

Additionally, our dentist can replant a tooth which has been knocked out of the smile. By following the instructions Dr. Ardary gives during your emergency appointment call, you can preserve your tooth long enough to have it added back into your smile.

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Temecula Smiles sees dental emergencies near Temecula. If you are experiencing a true dental emergency, call us now at 951-302-3535. You can easily find us on the corner of Temecula Parkway and Redhawk Parkway. 


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